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Rave Reviews for "The Scent of Heat"

I just finished reading your magnificent book!! You took me back to a time and place that I heard of and saw in old movies (I arrived in Israel only in 1977 so I missed the 50's and 60's). I feel as though I know the characters in your book personally. I was swept up into the drama from the get-go and can only add a huge WOW! You are indeed a talent and I look forward to the sequel which I hope won't be long in coming.

-- Evelyn (Your newest fan!)

The story is compelling, written in a flowing manner and, although fictional, realistic, especially due to the attention to detail, such as, for example, physical descriptions of people, actual places, environments and their effects on the characters. Undoubtedly, many readers will identify with the heroine of the book, in one way or another, be it as part of a love triangle, emotional turbulence, family relationships, the workplace, etc. Congratulations to the author on this debut and good luck for its sequel.

-- Eve Rosenberg

I love a book with a great twist and this one really delivers! Chronicling a little know time in Israel's history, Sery weaves a love story that is both tender and dangerous. Exotic settings, vivid descriptions (down to the street names) and interesting characters all make for one terrific read. I couldn't put it down and look forward to the next book by this author.

-- H Schultz

I was captivated & fell in love with the main character, Ariella Paz. This book was a fast read: following her journey, because I was hooked and didn't want to put it down. The author did an excellent job of luring you into the emotional turmoil & circumstances of the 19-year-old's drama.

-- P

I absolutely loved this book! It was a great read that always kept my attention and I never wanted to put the book down! I would highly recommend reading it.

-- Tiffany

I love this book. You have to read it in one breath as you cannot put it down until you finish it. The novel is written with a painter's eye. The author takes us through the streets of Tel Aviv 50 years ago and you can feel the warm wind on the beach and the smell of Falafel in the air.I was there during those years and it made me nostalgic.
The Scent of Heat is moving, romantik , surprising and totally immersive. Liked it very much.

-- Guido

A tightly crafted story of forbidden love and broken promises. The culture and customs of Israel are carefully woven in to provide a delightful and complete background to Ariella’s life. A must read!

-- Dr. Sally Pollack

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